When your house is damaged, it causes enormous changes to your daily lifestyle. Even when it’s covered under your insurance, you still have to deal with people stopping by frequently and taking the time for the damaged portion to be repaired. While it’s never a completely painless process, at Botting Builders, we make it as simple and straightforward as possible. When you choose us to handle your insurance jobs in Southland, you’ll get an experienced building crew that’s efficient and considerate. We aim to minimise disruptions to you and your family and work quickly to get everything back to the way it should be.

Aren’t insurance repairs chosen by my insurance company?

While your insurance company will have a recommended company that they work with, you’ll generally have the option to choose your own. The purpose of an insurance job is to take a broken or damaged section of your home and restore it to at least as good of condition as it was in before. Sometimes, this requires putting in new countertops, bathroom fixtures, siding, and so on. With experienced builders who work quickly and effectively, we’ll do whatever we can to get the job done fast, and get it done right.

Why should I choose Botting Builders for insurance repairs?

As a locally-owned, Southland-based company, you don’t have to wait through long queue times to speak with us. In fact, all jobs are organised by owner-operator Bevan Botting, a registered Master Builder with 20 years of building experience. Instead of having your message relayed through a large corporate office and hoping it reaches the right person, you can call and talk with Bevan directly and have your questions answered by the same person who will do the work on your home. Call us today for your insurance job or other home building project and see for yourself!


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