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Bevan and Amanda Botting started Botting Builders in 2011 as a Southland-based building company to help kiwis get into their dream home. Through renovations, remodels, and new builds, Bevan and his crew have completed dozens of homes with just as many pleased clients.

Formerly trained under Barry Helm, Bevan took his former leader’s skills and guidance and developed his own company to serve the people of his community. As a Licensed Building Practitioner and a registered Master Builder, Bevan has a solid track record and knows the ins and outs of building, including a strong knowledge of building codes and best practises.

Bevan works alongside his wife Amanda to help clients make the best use of their space and save money in the process. Together, they’ll help you create the home you’ve always wanted!

Meet our team

Bevan Botting

Bevan has worked in the industry for about 20 years. An apprentice of the Barry Helm, Bevan learned from Barry and put his own spin on the techniques. He decided to branch out on his own and start Botting Builders with the goal of putting Southlanders into their perfect home. As a registered Master Builder, Bevan has proven his technical skill time and time again and has a lengthy list of happy homeowners who are impressed with his professionalism, efficiency, and build quality.

Amanda Botting

Amanda has worked alongside Bevan since the beginning, bringing in her passion for interior design to the building process. Amanda is experienced and creative and helps clients get the result they wanted with proper usage of space, often saving them a fair amount of money in the process. With a passion for interior design, Amanda has helped many people design their homes more effectively and has gained a strong practical knowledge for interior design methods.

Nic Menlove

Our Apprentice Builder Nic completed Building & Pre-Trade at SIT and has worked at Botting Builders since 2017 and began his apprenticeship in 2019. Nic loves the variety and how he gets to do something new and different every day. Creative with a hands-on approach to building, Nic has a can-do attitude and plans to build his own houses someday.


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